“Internet Address Fields” is a collection of three Cocoa classes, inherited from NSMatrix, which look like an NSTextField with an particular NSCustomFormatter.

It contains:

  • IPv4 address field
  • IPv4 netmask field
  • IPv6 address field

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Many of you reported that YABI was expired, so I took the decision to unlock this version, even if it’s still an alpha version.

Some months ago I found another way to sync our events with iCal, which doesn’t need manual operation; I quickly wrote a new version, tested and it seems to be stable and functional, but it misses graphical interface like the previous alpha 9. This version appears as a preference pane and installs a sync-agent which is automatically alerted by the operative system about changes to your address book.

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Issue these commands in your terminal and read carefully! ;-)

cat /usr/share/emacs/22.1/etc/sex.6
cat /usr/share/emacs/22.1/etc/condom.1

È noto che per aggiornare aggiornare il sistema operativo, i ports e la documentazione, il team di FreeBSD abbia messo a disposizione il cvsup, una delle tante possibili evoluzioni del CVS (Code Versioning System). Fintanto che il nostro sistema ha la possibilità di accedere ad internet direttamente o tramite un NAT, nessun problema: in questo caso sarà sufficiente modificare il file make.conf o direttamente il supfile, per poi proseguire con la normale procedura d’aggiornamento.

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